Limitless Well

Don’t be data-starved!  Nobody offers the download speeds, data volume, usability, analytics and insights that Limitless Well offers!  FREE TRIALS AVAILABLE (see form below)

Making Competitor Analysis, Investment and Prospect Discovery and Well Data Analytics approachable for all levels of your organization!

This product standardizes public oil & gas well data, and adds proprietary analytic metrics to make searching and analyzing well header, completion, FracFocus, performance and production data seamless and quick. Additionally, our proprietary data structure allows us to deliver value-add advanced analytics, like type well curves, and other calculated data to your desktop in seconds with zero need for on-sight IT infrastructure (we utilize cloud servers and architecture, including Hadoop).  While many engineers already have access to large amounts of data, they still need to sift through the data and deliver the data of interest to the tools that they work with. Limitless Well delivers data to standard industry applications while working directly in Microsoft Excel. The videos here give a glimpse into the power of the tool.  Fill out the form below to get more info.  Don’t forget to take a look at the YouTube videos below.