New Offerings from Revonos

During the month of April, Revonos is adding two new offerings to its business. The focus is a new module for Limitless Delivery focused on providing insights into efficiency for a given delivery network. The other is a site membership.

Limitless Delivery: Office Analytics

Much of the feedback from the promotion of Limitless Delivery brought to light the need for a tool that can help users understand the efficiency of their delivery networks. This module is simple to use. Office Analytics needs production facilities, delivery points (disposal or markets) and volumes for each. The logistics data is automatically handled after locations have been added to the same network. Costs at delivery points are not required, but can be added to differentiate options beyond the trucking component.

Site Membership at

When visitors sign up for site membership on the company website, premium content becomes available to them. For instance, the first premium article provides efficiency cost scales for water delivery in the DJ Basin. These cost scales were created by the new Office Analytics module. Revonos will periodically publish content which benefits our members.

Revonos Launches Limitless Delivery

When your automation room aerial view looks clear, yet the actual location is socked in with the latest snow storm, are your oil and water haulers ready for routing prioritization? How do you prepare for the next weather event?

Limitless Delivery will optimize oil and water hauling, truck routing and dispatch to keep your production and hauling operations heading in the right direction at the right time to minimize miles and maximize loads hauled before the next storm sets in.

Contact Revonos for more information and a liquid hauling optimization trial.