Limitless Delivery™

Hauling optimization is one area of operations that Revonos has turned its expertise into a deliverable product. Our hauling optimizer software is a product that integrates with your current SCADA, production and e-ticketing systems to reduce manual input from dispatch personnel and deliver optimal decisions for the multitude of options available. Limitless Delivery uses tank levels to triage load call-outs and moves them into dispatch using our model to ensure maximum delivery while maintaining production and limiting use of constrained resources. Limitless Delivery™ offers a no-headache solution to achieving peak delivery efficiency.


  • Minimize Short Loads to fully utilize hauling capacity
  • Deliver on market commitments
  • Stay within handling capacity
  • Minimize final delivery cost through mileage and hours reduction
  • Maximize Flow Assurance


  • Dispatch user interface automatically adapts to needs of the user.
  • Dispatch process can be automated.
  • Displays decisions that will deliver optimal results, given a desired objective.
  • Schedules pickup times for optimal results.
  • Assigns haulers to particular loads.
  • Chooses destinations regarding total capacities and commitments.
  • Plans truck schedules to reduce miles and achieve delivery objectives.