Limitless Well™

Don’t be data-starved!  Nobody offers the download speeds, data volume, usability, analytics and insights that Limitless Well offers!

Making Competitor Analysis, Investment and Prospect Discovery and Well Data Analytics approachable for all levels of your organization!

This product standardizes public oil & gas well data, and adds proprietary analytic metrics to make searching and analyzing well header, completion, performance and production data seamless and quick. Additionally, our proprietary data platform allows us to deliver value-add advanced analytics, like type well curves, and other calculated data to your desktop in seconds with zero need for on-sight IT infrastructure (we utilize cloud infrastructure to scale and service our customers’ needs). Limitless Well was built to reduce, if not eliminate, the tedious collect-organize-report workflow that is common when evaluating publicly available data. The primary user interface runs directly in Microsoft Excel, delivering data into the most commonly used tool- the spreadsheet. Limitless Well also integrates with common industry applications. Limitless Well currently serves those interested in the Rockies states of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.

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