Revonos builds products for bringing value to people through data. These products add value with the following foci.

Data Democratization

Individuals gain tremendous power when they find tools that deliver the data that they need to work effectively. Gathering data is valuable, but takes so much effort to get to the next steps. Our tools make it effortless to get access to massive amounts of data.

Limitless Well

This product standardizes public oil & gas well data to make searching and analyzing well header, completion and production data seamless and quick. While many engineers have access to large amounts of data, they still need to deliver the data to the tools that they work with. Limitless Well delivers data to standard industry applications while working directly in Microsoft Excel. The videos here give a glimpse into the power of the tool.

Data Exploration

Whether you are a long-time pro at discovering hidden insights in data, catching the current data science wave or just want to get value from your complex data, Revonos can help. Leveraging new technologies and mixing in traditional tools puts data exploration in the hands of those who need it.

Advanced Analytics

Analytics is not just a hot buzz-word. Applying advanced mathematical methods with powerful computer infrastructure takes value of data to the pinnacle. Modern statistics, mathematical optimization and decision science transform data into information and visualization of data deposits it into the minds of the decision makers.