Data Integration

  • Data cleansing strategies (automated and manual)
  • Methodology to assign accountability go-forward for personnel
  • Methodology and tools to incorporate disparate data sources where needed
  • Democratization of your data assets

Advanced Analytics and Operations Research

  • Technical and strategic expertise to jump-start integration and results from distributed processing platforms
  • Tuned analytic results focusing on operational goals
  • Decision recommendations through mathematical optimization leveraging results from analytics
  • Deep dive and Open Discovery Analytics
  • Actionable right-time information served to specific personnel
  • Custom analytics products for end-user applications


  • Why do you need a big data or advanced analytics plan and platform?
  • Does new technology overlap or enhance or replace your existing systems?
  • Do you have a holistic operations data strategy?
  • What is the right use for your existing systems, and when should you use other systems to leverage your data asset?
  • How do you develop a use case for advanced analytics?