Terms & Conditions

Software and Services Terms of Usage

    • Single User – Your login is for your use only. Revonos reserves the right to revoke an individual’s access without refund should
      we discover that multiple individuals have been using the same login credentials. Single user means that only one individual
      may use a specific credential to gain access to Revonos services at any time. Every individual must have a unique user
      name for login purposes.
    • Download Restrictions – No restriction is applied to the data an individual downloads for their own purposes using Revonos’ services such as Limitless Well.
      Should Revonos find that an individual abuses the access privilege by overwhelming the system with requests not considered
      normal usage, Revonos may curtail that individual’s download allowances. In those circumstances, Revonos may decide instead to revoke that
      individual’s access without refund. Individual download allowances are initially set to 1,000,000 records per download with unlimited downloads per month.
      These levels can be automatically curtailed at any time individuals are causing service degradation for other users.
    • Data Quality – Revonos provides no guarantee on the quality of data it has received from public data sources.
      Revonos performs data cleansing and standardization, but does not hold any liability for the data values. Every user must
      maintain discression for the usage of the data.
    • Data Analysis – Revonos adds data analysis features to professional and enterprise subscriptions. This analysis includes value estimation
      and prediction. While Revonos strives to apply stringent analysis techniques, no guarantee can be made for the actual results of applying the analysis retained
      retained from a subscription.