Revonos provides modern Operations Research and Advanced Analytic expertise to companies facing operational challenges that could be made more efficient.  We can implement optimization solutions against your business as-is or add new process components to increase the efficiency of your operations.

Examples include

  • Oilfield hauling optimization
  • Operator route optimization
  • Field development planning
  • Maintenance scheduling

Many efficiency-seeking projects involve application to application data integration or 3rd party data source integration.  Our staff has extensive experience in data management and integration and specific expertise in many applications and platforms such as:

Oracle Database AMPL P2 ProCount
MATLAB ARIES  P2 Enterprise Upstream
Hadoop SQLServer Reporting Services TIBCO Spotfire
Amazon Web Services Merack Peep WordPress

In addition, Revonos offers a sleek analytics product called Limitless Well that can be run directly in Microsoft Excel for researching upstream oil & gas operations.