Revolution in Understanding™

We believe that the best effort to maintain profitability in the upstream oil & gas industry must include the use of the best planning tools. The best planning tools are the easiest to use and, most importantly, they also reveal the best outcome.

Revonos provides modern Operations Research and advanced analytic expertise to companies facing operational challenges that could be made more efficient.  We can implement optimization solutions against your business as-is or add new process components to increase the efficiency of your operations. 


Hauling is an aspect of oil & gas development and ongoing production that can drastically increase operating expenses if it is not managed effectively. Limitless Delivery™ offers multiple ways to manage hauling to keep costs in check.

Route Optimization

Narrow profit margins require that operating methodologies change. It no longer makes sense to visit wells on a fixed schedule and current technology allows remote monitoring at low-cost. Visiting a location just to get eyes on a well is not a 21st century practice. In addition to deploying low-cost technology on-site, highly optimized decision-making is the only way to squeeze every last cent out of each barrel.

Maintenance Scheduling

When a machine learning solution gives a recommendation for when to service hundreds of pieces of equipment, developing a schedule that can heed that recommendation is daunting. Automating that schedule using operations research methods can provide exact schedules that either meet the recommendation or come as close as possible.

Field Development Planning

Developing a drill schedule is a complex process that has significant implications on total annual production. Drilling pads in the wrong order can mean that production is unnecessarily shut-in when a different schedule could result in more production booked in the same year.

Systems Integration

Many efficiency-seeking projects involve application to application data integration or 3rd party data source integration.  Our staff has extensive experience in data management and integration and specific expertise in many applications and platforms such as:

Oracle Database AMPL P2 ProCount
MATLAB ARIES  P2 Enterprise Upstream
Hadoop SQL Server Reporting Services TIBCO Spotfire
Amazon Web Services Merak Peep WordPress